Neograft Hair Transplant

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NeoGraft is a new semi-automated type of hair transplantation that provides follicular unit extraction (FUE), where individual hair follicles are harvested and redistributed.


How much hair do I need?

The NeoGraft™ technique uses a motorized punch that gently rotates around each individual graft to produce perfectly cylindrical shapes. The machine sucks the hair follicles out smoothly and uniformly, so there is no pulling and twisting. Each graft is uniform, so the automated implant of the graft is exactly the same size and cylindrical shape as the transplant site. Hair is collected in a small canister that gently mists the follicles with sterile saline to keep them moist until they are ready to implant.

You will be awake and fully conscious throughout the procedure so you can listen to music, think about your next big project, chat with the surgical team, or meditate and contemplate life. Aside from a new crop of hair that grows naturally, there will be no visible scar. Cut your hair short, swim with the dolphins, look great in the mirror after a shower – no one will be any the wiser that you’ve had a hair transplant.

Have a look at pictures of men and women who have had successful NeoGraft hair transplants at Nu Image  and learn what people have to say about NeoGraft

Hair transplant cost depends on the look you want. Hair transplant surgery is charged not by the head or scalp, or even the area to cover, but by the number of grafts needed. A single graft of hair is between $4( Strip Method)and $6 (Neograft), and the price goes down somewhat as the grafting gets progressively more involved. For example, some heads will be quite attractive and full-looking with as few as 1800 grafts, others, because of hair texture, replication, scalp area and so on, might be upwards of 2500 and more

*Pricing varies patient to patient.


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